CAP 2: British Columbia (BC): 08Nov18 - 03Jan19

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This series of seven volumes is updated every 56 days and provides aeronautical information primarily related to the IFR arrival or departure phases of flight and comprises the following flight procedure types:

•Instrument Approach Procedures (IAP)
•Diverse and Standard Instrument Departure (SID)
•Standard Instrument Arrival (STAR)
•Noise Abatement Procedure
•Visual Approaches
•It also contains ground operations information such as parking areas and de-icing facilities along with Aerodrome and Taxi Charts.


 The CAP is not intended for use in VFR operations.

 The CAP is regularly amended by NOTAM and AIP Supplements, especially at high traffic aerodromes. Users must always check NOTAMs for their proposed areas of operation. The CAP procedure pages are necessarily complex.

 It is essential that pre-flight study be performed in every case to attain familiarity with each procedure anticipated at destination and alternate. The CAP GEN volume is an integral part of the CAP series. Users must be familiar with the general procedural and terminology material in this publication to safely use the seven core volumes.