Cord Adapter - Dual Plugs to U-174 (Helicopter)

Product Code: DC-18253G-06

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David Clark communication cord adapter P/N 18253G-06 converts dual GA plugs to single U-174 plug for helicopter use

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The David Clark Fixed Wing to Helicopter Adapter will adapt your fixed wing headset to helicopter impedance. This simple tool converts PJ-068 and PJ-055 to U-174/U and the fixed wing dual plug to the single plug used in helicopters. Use your fixed wing headset in your helicopter without any additional equipment. This simple cable adapter will save you hundreds. Don't waste money purchasing a helicopter headset; smooth the transition between aircraft types with our David Clark Fixed Wing to Helicopter Adapter. The plug adapter 18253G-06 will make switching between fixed wing aircraft and helicopters a breeze. This affordable cable gives you the freedom to use the same headset in various aircraft types. Use your favourite headset wherever you fly with our David Clark adapters. Simply plug the adapter in along with your fixed wing headset and enjoy use in your helicopter!