AERO COSMETICS Wax ALL Hybrid Multi-Polymer Ceramic Wax

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Wax ALL Hybrid Multi-Polymer Ceramic Wax offers advanced SiO2 Technology for Long-Lasting Protection, Superior Shine, Gloss, Depth of Color and Extreme Water Beading. Its advanced chemistry provides maximum protection to all exterior surfaces such as paint, glass, chrome, plastic & vinyl. Wax ALL Hybrid Multi-Polymer Ceramic Wax works amazingly well on all vehicles such as RVs, Aircraft, and Motorcycles. Your vehicle will stay well-protectant in any environment.

- AIRCRAFT GRADE PROTECTION – Wax ALL offers an aircraft-grade multi-polymer & ceramic wax coating for any vehicle. Used and tested by professional detailers in the Aircraft, Car, RV, and Marine industries around the world. Meets Boeing Aircraft (D6-17487P, D6-7127M), Airbus Industries (09-00-002), and McDonnell Douglass CDS #1 cleaning specifications.

- ADVANCED SiO2 NANO TECHNOLOGY – Forms a coating that provides Maximum Protection, Superior Shine, Gloss, Depth of Color, Long Lasting Hydrophobic UV Protection for your Car, Aircraft, RV, Boat, Truck, and Motorcycle.

- EASY AND SAFE TO USE – Simply SPRAY ON and BUFF DRY. Alcohol & Ammonia Free. Its advanced chemistry offers maximum protection for all exterior surfaces such as Paint, Glass, Chrome, Plastic, & Vinyl.

- LONG LASTING COATING – Stay showroom shiny and protected for as long as 1 year! Protect your investment from damaging UV Rays, Road Grime, Tar, Tree Sap, Acid Rain, Water Spots, & More.

PLEASE NOTE: Wax ALL is a long-lasting wax and is to be used on a clean & dry vehicle. Use Wax ALL as a once-a-year wax. Use Wash Wax ALL (Blue) to clean your vehicle and protect it year-round. Wax ALL is not a replacement for Wash Wax ALL. Also, see our Clay As You Wax Kit for even better results.

Can be used as a lubricant for synthetic clay. Wax as You Clay!

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