Air Gizmos iPad mini Panel Dock® (generation 4-5)

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Now you can fly with your iPad mini securely mounted in the instrument panel while still allowing it to be easily removed when you are not flying

If you have used an iPad with an aviation app then you know how great it is to have such a wealth of information at your disposal. Our iPad mini Panel Dock takes it up a notch. Now your iPad mini can finally have the prominent position on your panel that it deserves!

We have included a cooling port on the back of the iPad mini Panel Dock. This port is compatible with standard avionics cooling fans if you decide you want to use this feature.

The iPad mini Panel Dock is designed to work with our existing Angle Adapter (PD14).

This Panel Dock is compatible with iPad mini generations 4 and 5 (Models A1538, A1550, A2124, A2133).

Although the iPad mini 5 model A2126 has the same thickness specification we have reports of variations large enough to cause it not to properly fit in the Panel Dock. We have adjusted our Panel Dock for the variation.