Airframe and Powerplant Mechanics - Airframe Handbook, Volumes 1 & 2

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The FAA-H-8083-ATB series is the newest and most up-to-date, A&P textbooks available anywhere. They are the official FAA part 147 curriculum and the actual source of all FAA knowledge and practical exam questions.

Now the ATB revision corrects over 100 technical errors identified by a peer review team consisting of 15 Part 147 colleges, thus making it the finest, most current, and most accurate textbook from which to learn and teach the science of aviation maintenance.

Plus, they cost less than any competing A&P manuals.

In short, if you are an A&P student just beginning your classes; an experienced technician wanting a current refresher; a pilot wanting to learn the mechanics of your aircraft; or an aircraft homebuilder wanting the best knowledge to complete your project, there is no competition. These are them!

 Chapters in this Volume 1:

1] Aircraft Structures
2] Aerodynamics, Aircraft Assembly, and 3] Rigging
4] Aircraft Fabric Covering
5] Aircraft Metal Structural Repair
6] Aircraft Welding
7] Aircraft Wood
8] Composite Materials
9] Aircraft Painting and Finishing
10] Aircraft Electrical System
Chapters in this Volume 2:

1] Aircraft Instruments
2] Communication and Navigation
3] Hydraulic and Pneumatic Systems
4] Aircraft Landing Gear Systems
5] Aircraft Fuel System
6] Ice and Rain Protection
7] Cabin Environmental Systems
8] Fire Protection Systems

Peer Reviewed Edition