Applied Aerodynamics for Private and Commercial Pilots

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APPLIED AERODYNAMICS FOR PRIVATE AND COMMERCIAL PILOTS introduces pilots to flight theory and it’s application to flight operations.  APPLIED AERODYNAMICS is divided into two parts: Theory and Practice. Part one introduces the topics of flight mechanics as they apply to pilots. Part two discusses how this theory applies to the practical operation of the aircraft. Combined, the two segments of the book will supplement flight instruction and provide pilots with the needed background to learn competent handling of the aircraft. Topics covered include: aerodynamic forces, stalls and spins, stability, control, performance, aircraft limitations, aircraft handling methods, and applications to flight operations.

About the Author:  Steve Pomroy is a 7,000 hour Airline Transport Pilot, a Class 1 Flight Instructor, and a former Class 1 Aerobatic Instructor. He has been involved in flight training since 1995 and has over 3500 hours of in-flight instructional experience, including extensive experience training flight instructor candidates and pilot candidates for the RCAF. He has 9 years experience as a Pilot Examiner, during which he has conducted hundreds of flight tests on behalf of Transport Canada. Mr. Pomroy holds a Master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering, and is the author of several other aviation manuals and online courses.


    1. Basic Physics
    2. The Production of Lift
    3. Drag and Power Required
    4. Thrust and Power Available
    5. Flight Controls
    6. Stalls and Spins
    7. Aircraft Stability
    8. Aircraft Performance
    9. Aircraft Limitations
    1. Weight and Balance
    2. Taxiing
    3. Attitudes and Movements
    4. Cruise
    5. Climbs and Descents
    6. Turning
    7. Aircraft Control Considerations
    8. Range and Endurance
    9. Slow Flight
    10. Stalls and Spins
    11. Unusual Attitudes
    12. Slips
    13. Takeoff
    14. Approach and Landing

254 Pages Perfect Bound

ISBN: 978-0-9687214-0-0