The Aviation Dictionary for Pilots and Aviation Maintenance Technicians

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Completely revised to include over 10,000 technical aviation definitions. Excellent reference for both pilots and aviation maintenance technicians. The best way to learn the unique language of aviation.

While some dictionaries are targeted to pilots and others to maintenance personnel, Jeppesen's Aviation Dictionary combines the definitions from both areas. It is the most comprehensive aviation dictionary on the market! With over 10,000 definitions, it is an excellent reference and resource for pilots, aviation maintenance technicians, and dispatchers.

The Aviation Dictionary also contains a list of aviation abbreviations, acronyms, and symbols. There is also a reference section on Greek letters and chemical elements that are prevalent in the aviation industry. In addition, ATA/JASC codes are included as a reference.

This edition of the Aviation Dictionary contains new terms related to the light sport aircraft, sport pilot certificates, and instrument procedures.


ISBN 978-0-8848757-4-1

Softcover, 388 pages, 8.5" x 11"