Aviation Maintenance Technician Reference Handbook

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The A&P technician works in a world of technical applications and precision measurements. Compiled by technicians, Avotek’s reference handbook is filled with the charts, tables and graphs that puts exact, useful information at your fingertips. It is formatted in a size to fit in the toolbox and a wire, spiral binding allows the pages to lay flat when used. This book is a must for any mechanic or AMT student.

  • Phonetic alphabet
  • Conversion tables
  • Density of solids and liquids
  • Math constants and symbols
  • Computation of area & volume
  • ATA 100 system codes
  • Nationality and
  • registration markings
  • Color codes for spark plug &
  • cylinder identification
  • Fabric knots & rib stitches
  • Classifications of metals
  • Composition & designations for metal alloys
  • Temperatures for heat treatment
  • Bearing and shear strength
  • Setback charts and classifications
  • Bend allowance calculations and charts
  • Electrical terms & formulas
  • Wire sizes
  • Oxygen

ISBN: 1-933189-09-6