AvMap A2 ADAHARS Module



Extend your EKP V functionalities with A2 ADHARS!

A2 ADAHRS provides a Air Data, Attitude and Heading Reference System to your EKP V.

Designed for light-sport, ultra light and experimental aircrafts, A2 ADAHRS is a compact and light module (only 1.8 Oz ) packed with solid-state 3-axis gyro, accelerometer, magnetic field sensor and air data sensors.

Get Airspeed, Altitude, Attitude and Heading on the EKP V’s 7” display

When connected to the A2 ADAHRS module, the EKP V turns into a full-featured Primary Flight Display providing:
- Airspeed and Altitude from Pitot-static system
- Attitude, side slip and heading information Integration of TAWS into the PFD with AGL Altitude indication
- Wind indicator with wind components
- Clear HSI display linked with EKP V flight planning function

- Customizable data fields
- PFD settings: Altimeter reference, Heading reference, Aircraft
- Specific V-speed reference value.

Ease of Installation
A2 ADAHRS connects to the aircraft Pitot-static system and to the docking station via USB and provides information that are displayed on the EKP V LCD.  A2 ADAHRS can be installed in any orientation, as long as a proper calibration procedure is performed.

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