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EKP V Multifunctional Display: the next step in the evolution of aeronautical GPS, redefining the role of the GPS inside the cockpit.

Panel-mounted and portable at the same time!
Even when cockpit-installed, it is always possible to remove the EKP V from the plane to use it with the internal rechargeable battery for updates, flight  planning or training school debriefing. You can choose between: Cockpit Docking Station or Cockpit Cradle Kit
Light & Compact
A brilliant 7” display, with removable battery and built-in GPS receiver, with a weight of just  14.1 Oz, covering an area of only 4.3” x 6.8” and only 0.8” thick!

Horizontal or Vertical? Fully Customizable!
You can choose the Horizontal or Vertical orientation. You are able to choose what to see and where to display it. You can even set different aircraft profiles and configure the F1 key with your preferences.

Advanced Navigation Technology
A comprehensive software, the result of 30 years of Moving Map and Navigation Technology Know-How. Navigation, Electronic Flight Bag, Primary Flight Display: all you need in a single device, developed with safety in mind.
AvMap Software provides advanced planning function, great situational awareness, and useful shortcuts in case of emergency.

Moving map excellence: super detailed, with the most reliable official data.
AvMap maps are the result of 30 years of navigation technology and vector maps know-how. Our aeronautical maps include:
Aeronautical Database: Jeppesen data, Avioportolano, Letist
Background: terrain depiction and Land Elevation for TAWS
Terrestrial Database: street network and POI by HERE

Airports diagrams & Approach plates: by Seattle Avionics
FAA VFR sectional charts by FAA per for United States

Five available coverages: Europe- Africa, North America, South America, Asia-Australia, Worldwide.

Get Airspeed, Altitude, Attitude and Heading on the EKP V’s 7” display
When connected to the A2 ADAHRS module, the EKP V turns into a full-featured Primary Flight Display providing:
- Airspeed and Altitude from Pitot-static system
- Attitude, side slip and heading information
- Integration of TAWS into the PFD with AGL Altitude indication

- Wind indicator with wind components
- Clear HSI display linked with EKP V flight planning function
- Customizable data fields
- PFD settings: Altimeter reference, Heading reference, Aircraft
- Specific V-speed reference value.

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