BOSE® Replacement Ear Cushion Kit - Series 'X'

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Foam & breathable leather cushions for Bose Aviation Headset X.

Breathe new life into your Bose Aviation Headset X with these low-cost, custom-designed replacement ear cushions. Fabricated from the same breathable protein leather as the stock ear pads, these specially formulated foam cushions provide both reliable comfort and a snug seal for maximum noise suppression. Replacement is extremely easy and requires no glue. Recommended after 350 hours of flight time or every 6 months. A low-cost, high-quality solution for restoring your Aviation Headset X to good-as-new status.

From the Manufacturer

Ensure the performance and comfort level of your Aviation Headset X. Cushions are identical to original set included with new Aviation Headset X and are made of supple, breathable protein leather.

- Specially formulated foam adds comfort and ensures an appropriate seal around ears
- Easy to replace securely on ear cups; no glue required
- Changing cushions recommended every six months or every 350 hours of flight