BOSE® A20® ANR Pilot Headset

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The Bose Corporation was founded in 1964 in Framingham, Massachusetts. Since its founding, Bose has developed high-end audio technology for use in consumer electronics, military vehicles, aircraft and consumer vehicles.

The Bose A20 headset is a fantastic choice for commercial pilots and aviators who enjoy high-fidelity sound and effective cabin noise reduction. With almost 50 years in the audio industry, the Bose aviation headset is the culmination of intelligent audio engineering design practices.

Bose aviation products are well-known and loved by commercial and private pilots around the world. According to Professional Pilot magazine, the Bose Aviation Headset X was the rated the best pilot headset from 2000 to 2005.

By combining active noise reduction (ANR) and passive noise reduction (PNR) into one headset, Bose is able to offer unparalleled quality and audio fidelity. Bose uses a specialised ANR technology that incorporates microphones both inside and outside the ear cup. This allows the headset to cancel out noises based on what a pilot actually hears. In addition, the Bose A20 headset comes with an external adaptor and Bluetooth technology. 


Most headsets come in multiple cable configurations. Choosing the right one is pretty easy, it just depends on what type of aircraft you fly:

• Battery powered, twin plugs - this is by far the most common style, with separate microphone and headphone plugs (so-called PJ plugs). Almost every airplane ever built has these two plugs in the panel, so these headsets are universal. The only downside is that, for ANR headsets, you will need to use AA batteries to power the headset.
• Aircraft powered, 6-pin plug - the second most popular style, sometimes called the "LEMO plug," requires no batteries since it is powered by the panel. This is convenient, but it does require the 6-pin plug to be installed in the panel. While many newer airplanes come with this option, most older airplanes do not. For these applications, you'll need to have your avionics shop wire in the plug - not a big job, but not something pilots can do on their own.
• Helicopter plug  - helicopters use a single, shorter plug (that is not compatible with airplanes). This is not like the 6-pin plug above, however, since an ANR helicopter headset will still need AA batteries. The only confusing part is that some helicopters also have a 6-pin (or LEMO) plug. In these helicopters, there are two different single plug connections.
• Airbus XLR plug - less common is a single 5-pin connector that is made for Airbus jets.

When in doubt, we recommend buying the battery powered, twin plug model. This is the most universal option, and will work in almost any airplane. If you have a 6-pin plug in your airplane or you plan to install one, the aircraft powered model is a nice option.