BrightLine B18 "HANGAR" Pilot Flight Bag

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Designed primarily for aviators who need a Pilot Flight Bag to pack multiple overnight items, such as clothes, shoes, coolers, etc., the B18 HANGAR fits the bill when maximum space is required. Also excellent for those in the Law Enforcement and Emergency Medical field.

The B18 is 13.5" x 10.5" x 22" with interior storage capacity of 18 inches. (And remember, it is a soft bag so it can expand slightly in every direction.)

The B18 can be secured to the BrightLine Bags Folding Cart (sold separately) by using the zipper on the side of the CS11 and sliding the telescoping handle through the opening. See Gallery photos below.

Keep in mind that the modules included in the B18 can be assembled in any order. You can also remove modules and reassemble the remaining modules into a smaller bag. Or can combine other FLEX System modules. Any FLEX System module can be zipped onto any other FLEX System module.



Interior of CS2: 13.0" tall, 10.0" wide, 2.0 inches deep. (34cm x 25cm x 7.6cm)
Interior of CS5: 13.0" tall, 10.0" wide, 5.0 inches deep. (34cm x 25cm x 10.2cm)
Interior of CS11: 13.0" tall, 10.0" wide, 11.0 inches deep. (34cm x 25cm x 28cm)

Exterior of entire bag: 14" tall, 13" wide, 22" deep. (36cm x 33cm x 56cm) (Including side pockets)

Keep in mind that the bag material is flexible, so the size of the interior storage may be able to "stretch" out just a bit in one direction or another. Also keep in mind that over-stuffing your bag can cause seam or material failure, and this is not covered by warranty.

Empty Weight

9.8 lbs. (4.47 kg)

Total Number Of Available Flex System Side Pockets

Six. (Two FLEX-Mount side pocket stations on the CS5, and four on the CS11.)

Modular Expansion Capability

Unlimited. You can add any of the other FLEX System modules to this bag, in any order, to make a bag as big or as small as you need on any given day.
Every module in the FLEX System has a front surface and a rear surface. All of the modules are one-directional by necessity. The original assumption was that the CS5 (or the CS2) would be added onto the back of a CS4 for more storage. The CS4 opens to the front, and so therefore the CS5 and the CS2 open to the rear. Thus, in the case of the B18, you should know that the PCF (Pocket Cap Front) will attach to the non-opening side of either the CS5 or CS2, and the FCR (Flat Cap Rear) will attach to the rear panel of the CS5 or CS2 which is the panel that opens and closes to give access to the contents of the CS5 and CS2. The Main Compartments of both the CS2 and CS11 have locking zipper sliders.

Embroidery Options

The top front pocket cover of the POCKET CAP FRONT module can be removed to make it easy to add custom embroidery.
Also, the pocket on the very top of the CS11 can be removed in the same way to add embroidery. Just remove either of these pocket covers and hand them directly to your current embroidery provider. (We don't offer any embroidery service.)