Canadian Helicopter Pilot Practice Exams

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This is a reference book that covers the licence exams, written by a pilot with considerable operational experience, so not only will it help you with the exams, but also the remainder of your career.

Get the inside edge on written pilot exams! Its easy to get bogged down in information overload, but it doesn’t have to be that way! Lighten your study load now by putting the experience of successful pilots who have been there, done that on your side for the most beneficial, targeted studying possible.

In this no-nonsense, user-friendly Q & A study guide, you’ll quickly learn what to expect and become efficiently better prepared for written tests. Don’t waste another minute of time on test stress. Instead, minimize test anxiety and maximize test results with this practical, highly effective test-prep guide. Consider it your personal jump start to successful written exams!

ISBN 978-0-9780269-3-6