Canadian Instrument Pilot Answer Guide, 2nd Edition

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Now available for pilots seeking their Instrument Rating in Canada, Aviation Publishers Co Limited is pleased to release its new Canadian Instrument Pilot Answer Guide. Written for IFR exam preparation, the unique format that characterizes our popular PPL and CPL exam prep material also forms the backbone of this new IFR study guide.

The Canadian Instrument Pilot Answer Guide has been written from scratch. It is the first release of this title since it last appeared, as a 1st Edition, in the 1990s. As with its PPL and CPL study guide siblings, the Canadian Instrument Pilot Answer Guide combines advanced and challenging questions with detailed explanations for each and every question and answer that make up its content. IFR students can, thus, benefit enormously from this enhanced format leading up to their written IFR exam.

Resources from which to draw upon to tackle content in this Canadian Instrument Pilot Answer Guide include the Instrument Procedures Manual, From the Ground Up, the Canadian Aviation Regulations, the Aeronautical Information Manual, the Canada Flight Supplement, and AWARE Aviation Weather. Combined with author Chris Hobbs’ exceptional explanations for each answer, the content of this Canadian Instrument Pilot Answer Guide provides the most thorough of means by which IFR students can study and review essential subject matter to achieve the high standards required of IFR pilots.

Companioned primarily to the highly regarded Instrument Procedures Manual, the Canadian Instrument Pilot Answer Guide takes readers through the subjects they’ll encounter in their written Instrument Rating exam. These include: Air Law & Procedures, Meteorology, Instrumentation, Navigation, Radio Aids, Human Factors and Airmanship. A 50-question Sample Examination is found within the book, as is required Reference Material for all pertinent questions. The author’s extensive Notes on the Questions play an advanced role towards solidifying reader understanding of study guide content.

The Canadian Instrument Pilot Answer Guide is authored by respected ground school instructor, Chris Hobbs. Chris’s work also includes the Canadian Private Pilot Answer Guide, the Canadian Commercial Pilot Answer Guide, and the CPL textbook, Flying Beyond: The Canadian Commercial Pilot Textbook.