Clarity Aloft® Classic Headset

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While there are several "lightweight" noise-cancelling aviation headsets on the market, none can come close to matching the barely there, extremely low-profile design delivered by the Clarity Aloft Stereo/Mono Headset. At just 1.50 oz., this featherweight headset delivers an impressive level of aviation-specific communications performance. Its comfortable foam, replaceable earpieces provide an incredible 29.5 dB Noise Reduction Rating (NRR), as well as outstanding comfort for easy, all-day wear. These Comply Canal Tips include a miniature speaker that facilitates the delivery of crystal clear sound from the transducer to the wearer's ear for unrivaled communications clarity. Besides its remarkable light weight and impressive level of hearing protection, the Clarity Aloft headset also features a 1/8' audio port to accommodate auxiliary music devices. Its integral Electret Condenser microphone has also been optimized for flawless operation in high-noise environments like the typical aircraft cockpit. A revolutionary, extremely lightweight headset that aviators everywhere are sure to love.
From the Manufacturer

Clarity Aloft Aviation Headsets are the result of the commitment to the highest standards in aviation communications. These headsets are the essence of light weight freedom and contain the most technically advanced components brought together from diverse experts in audio communications.

The Earpieces
The Clarity Aloft earpieces are used to improve both hearing protection and speech communications. Each earpiece includes a miniature speaker that reproduces speech signals from the aircraft audio system. The replaceable compliant foam tips (Comply Canal Tips) which attach to the earpiece contain a pathway for the sound to travel from the transducer to the ear. Used by the military for helicopter pilots, both components of the earpiece, the transducer and Comply Canal Tips, have been tested, used rigorously and meet the most exacting military standards.

Replaceable Foam Tips
The superior seal is achieved with Aloft Technologies' patented Comply Canal Tips, which are used in high-end hearing aids. These viscoelastic foam tips provide the highest level of hearing protection available by any method including active noise reduction. (ANR) The outstanding noise reduction (35-45dB) in the speech frequencies between 400 to 4,000 Hz results in unsurpassed clarity of voice communications. Resembling foam earplugs, the foam tips are so comfortable because they are compliant to the shape of the ear. Considerable sound science history backs up their impressive performance.

The Noise-Cancelling Microphone
The noise-cancelling microphone used in the Clarity Aloft Headset is a high fidelity noise cancelling Electret Condenser microphone with performance optimized for speech frequencies in extremely high noise environments. Stage performers and musicians use this same microphone because they must insist on the highest level of sound reproduction.

Music Input
The Clarity Aloft Stereo Headset is also equipped with a music input in the volume control box that will accommodate most music devices through a 1/8' plug. Be sure that the volume of the music device is set at minimum before connecting to the headset.

Low-Profile Headband
With its flexible boom arm, this featherweight band is the same one sported by stage musicians and professional performers the world over. Balance and comfort are the result of its elegantly simple design. The mic boom can be easily re-positioned for eating and drinking during flight without disturbing your earpieces.