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The EKP V Cockpit Cradle Kit seamlessly integrates the EKP V in the cockpit, it feeds it from the aircraft power supply (with a Vibration-proof socket), and it allows connecting the external USB Antenna (included in the kit). 

The Cockpit Cradle Kit is recommended for pilots who want their 
EKP V conveniently integrated into their cockpit, but do not need advanced connectivity to other on board systems. 



Front view

Pogo Pin Connector
Safety Switch 
3A fuse for connection to the power supply

Back View

USB port for GPS receiver 
The internal EKP V battery powers the USB port in order to ensure availability of GPS even in case of aircraft electrical power failure. 

Power supply cable to be connected to the aircraft electric system. The Cockpit Cradle must be fed with 10-35 VDC (28 W max) voltage.


Content of the box

• EKP V Cockpit Cradle
• USB GPS antenna 
• Flush Mount Kit + cables fastening mount 
• Plastic Protective Cover
• Power supply cable
• Manual, screws and template jig

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