Clarity Aloft® Comply Canal Tip 12 Pack

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12 slim replacement Comply Canal Tips for Clarity Aloft headsets.

Clarity Aloft designed its Slim Replacement Foam Tips specifically for its headset users with smaller ear canals. These streamlined Comply Canal Tips deliver the same impressive Noise Reduction Rating (NRR) of 29.5 dB provided by the larger, standard earpieces. They've been specifically designed to slowly expand following placement in the outer ear canal, resulting in a snug, ultra-comfortable fit. In addition to blocking out harmful cockpit noise, they've also been optimized to deliver crystal clear communications from the headset's integral speakers to the user's ears. Each earpiece is good for 5 to 7 flights and can be machined washed in a shirt pocket to extend their lifespan. A low-cost, high-value component of Clarity Aloft's revolutionary aviation headset.

From the Manufacturer

90% of users will require the 'standard' foam tips. For users with small ear canals, the slim tip will provide a more comfortable fit.
Unlike other in-ear systems that require creating a mold of the ear canal, the foam Comply Canal Tip is designed to be squeezed, inserted in the outer ear canal and allowed to expand slowly at body temperature, conforming precisely to the outer ear canal of each user. Good for 5 to 7 flights, 12 sets of disposable hygienic tips are included with the headset. Tips can easily be washed to extend their lifespan the headsets inventor recommends putting them in the pocket of a shirt before sending it through the washing machine.