Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARS) for Recreational and Private Pilots - Revised

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An abridged publication of the Transport Canada "Canadian Aviation Regulations" or "CARs", specifically as they apply to the Recreational or Private Pilot and operators of Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems or Drones.  It also assists the Student Pilot in navigating through the complex regulatory system.

Published by Hammond Aviation (by permission from Transport Canada)

The CARs are divided into nine parts, but this book only covers the six parts that apply to recreational and private pilots and drone operators.

Parts covered include:

Part I:  General Provisions

Part II:  Identification, Registration and Leasing of Aircraft

Part III: Aerodromes and Airports

Part IV: Personnel Licencing and Training

Part VI: General Operating and Flight Rules

Part IX:  Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (Drones)

Standard 222:  Aircraft Markings and Registration Standards

Standard 421:  Flight Crew Licences and Ratings

Standard 625:  Aircraft Equipment and Maintenance Standards

Standard 921: Small Remotely Piloted Aircraft in Visual Line-of-Sight (VLOS)

Softcover, 228 pages, 8 1/2" X 11"

Edited and Published by Hammond Aviation