David Clark Ground Support Headset #H3332

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Series 3000 Headset Typically Used for Pushback , De-Icing and Ramp Communications

  • DC-1A noise-cancelling amplified dynamic microphone 
  • Microphone PTT switch on ear dome
  • Soft foam head pad with ribbed design and foam ear seals for exceptional durability and comfort
  • Hinged wire boom for easy microphone placement on right or left side
  • 15-foot straight cord with 1/4" TRS plug mates with C31-XX extension cords
  • Corrosion-proof, chrome plated, headband/stirrup assembly
  • Certified Noise Reduction Rating (NRR): 24db

The Model H3332 is a dual-ear, over-the-head style headset capable of affording comfort and communication clarity over long periods of time. It utilizes the DC-1A amplified dynamic, noise-cancelling microphone, delivering excellent speech intelligibility, and also includes a gain control for further optimization of the user’s intercom or radio transmissions. A microphone on/off switch is also included. Durable construction and quality components are found throughout the Series 3300 headsets. Comfort features such as the ear seals and headpad are specifically chosen for exceptional comfort in any temperature or environmental conditions. Noise-attenuating ear cups provide clear isolated reception of the connected parties by either intercom or radio, while effectively protecting the user’s hearing. David Clark created the world’s first noise attenuating communication headsets, and continue to lead the world in delivering quality communication tools.