Human Factors For Aviation - Basic Handbook, 2021 Edition

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The Human Factors for Aviation - Basic Handbook is designed to be a plain language introduction to human factors for pilots in the earlier stages of their flying careers. The material is geared to pilots, but the principles apply to others in the aviation system. This handbook also provides the background material for the Human Factors Advanced Handbook.

Human Factors for Aviation - Basic Handbook is one in a series of three handbooks designed by the Air Canada Human Factors Project Team for Transport Canada.  It is part of a project to develop a human factors training program for pilots and instructors.  The project was started in response to a requirement made by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) in November 1989, to make training in human factors a requirement for all air crew licences.

Reprinted and revised in 2021.

TP 12863E 

ISBN 978-0-660-37098-9

Softcover, 210 pages