Lesson Plans to Train Like You Fly, 4th Edition

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This guide for flight instructors (CFIs) presents lesson plans in the form of scenario-based maneuver briefings. A rich resource for active instructors, these lesson plans are also helpful to CFI applicants preparing their own materials. This fourth edition incorporates critical information previously published in Train Like You Fly: A Flight Instructor’s Guide to Scenario-Based Training, current best practices, and tried and true advice for teaching both visual and instrument flight.

This book is designed to work in complement with any syllabus and the FAA Test Standards. It explains how to teach each maneuver, making the flight instructor’s favorite syllabus even more effective and enjoyable for clients. Each maneuver briefing features a series of drawings instructors can discuss with their clients or replicate in the classroom and an accompanying script to teach from, which includes a story or motivation on why and how the maneuver is applied in actual flight. Common errors are discussed in the form of keys to success to positively inspire clients to become sound aviation citizens.

In addition to lesson plans, this book includes templates, checklists, and assignments to build proper flight preparation habits and help determine a student pilot’s readiness to act as pilot-in-command. These tools are especially helpful to the applicant preparing for their initial CFI checkride, as well as active CFIs preparing students for major flight training milestones, such as first solo, solo cross-country, and their checkride.

Edition: Fourth
Format: Softcover
Page Count: 272
Illustrations: Black and White
Page Count: 272
Illustrations: Black and White
ISBN Number: 978-1-64425-305-2
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Date Published: 2023