RPAS Journey and Technical Logbook - 3rd Edition

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Journey and Technical Logbook, Site Survey, Pre-Flight Checklist, and Emergency Procedures for RPAS Pilots and Operators.

This is the RPAS/UAV logbook you need to unlock your pilot potential! This Remotely Piloted Aircraft System (RPAS) logbook is a part of the required permanent technical record. The newly established regulations and processes required by Transport Canada have been incorporated into this log book specifically for pilots and operators of RPAS.

The regulatory requirements for the RPAS Records are contained the the CARs Part IX - 901.48

The regulatory requirements for the Journey Log Entries are contained in the Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs) Part IV - 605.94, 605.95, 605 Schedule 1

The regulatory requirements for the Permanent Technical Records are contained in the CARs  Part IV -  605.92, 605.93, 605.97, and 605 Schedule II

The regulatory requirement for the Site Survey, Pre-Flight Check-List, Normal and Emergency Procedures are contained in the CARs Part IX - 901.23 and 901.29 to 901.33

This logbook distills complex procedures and note taking with simple, easy to understand entry pages callable of being maintained by any RPAS operator. 

The result is a flexible and powerful record that will serve as both a tool to enhance your flying and a superb record of your flights.

By completing the entries in this book, the RPAS pilot will have completed all the necessary requirements of Transport Canada's - Canadian Aviation Regulations (CARs).

Author: David R. Curry

Softcover, wire bound, 211 printed pages