David Clark Comfort Covers for Ear Seals (Fits H10 Series)

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100% cotton, double-knit washable ear seal covers.

These Ear Seal Comfort Covers from the venerable David Clark Company make your aviation headset an even more comfortable cockpit accessory. Designed to absorb moisture, these affordable slip-on ear covers will help keep you cool and dry in hot, humid conditions. Because they're 100% cotton, these double-knit ear covers are completely washable for easy upkeep. Fits all passive David Clark headsets except those in the H-20 Series. Not recommended for use with ANR headsets. Your low-cost, low-maintenance solution for keeping a cool head in the cockpit.

From the Manufacturer

100% cotton double-knit ear seal covers are perfect for hot, humid flying.

Covers fit over all standard size foam ear seals.
Not for use with ENC head sets.
Sold In Pairs. 

Part# 22658G-01