David Clark Push-To-Talk Switch

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Model C10-15

Part Number 18216G-01

Free yourself from constantly fumbling with your aircraft's hand mic for every ATC interaction. With this proven Push to Talk (PTT) Switch from the legendary David Clark Company, keeping ATC in the loop is as simple as the push of a button. This rugged device features a molded, high-impact ABS housing to ensure it'll hold up for years of in-cockpit action. Simply plug your headset's PJ-068 (.206") mic jack into the unit, and the unit's PJ-068 (.206") connector into your aircraft's mic port for easy ATC transmissions with the click of your thumb. Secures easily to your yoke with its high grade Velcro strap. An outstanding item for CFIs or anyone who occasionally rents older aircraft. An affordable, workload-reducing tool from the aviation communication experts at David Clark.

From the Manufacturer

- Double Pole switch contacts assure positive keying with no dead spots
- High impact molded ABS Housing
- Highest grade Velcro Hook and Pike Yoke strap for tight, secured mounting
- Coil cord (5 ft. extended) shielded for positive protection from radio frequency and Electro-Magnetic interference