Flying IFR - 5th Edition

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Where the initial instrument checkride leaves off with the applicant recieving a “dry” instrument ticket, this book provides the information necessary to “get it wet

Author Richard Collins shares his experience in this guide to the real world of instrument flight, detailing the IFR system, equipment, and exploring the risks and rewards of instrument flying. The invaluable discussions on instrument airmanship, weather analysis, flight planning and decision making, handling equipment glitches, and that critical survival skill — partial panel flying — are all presented for the sole objective of better preparing you to fly on IFR flight plans.

This fifth edition takes into account the current IFR environment, equipment and technologies, and includes chapters dedicated to:

Light airplane operation in the middle high–altitudes beginning at 18,000 feet
The relationship between systems — including autopilots — and instrument flying
Using all resources and technologies to file flight plans, obtain and interpret weather information, and prepare flight plans for the best preflight readiness
Managing stress
IFR flight in and around ice, thunderstorms, and at night


ISBN 978-1-61954-200-6

Softcover, 224 pages, 6" x 9"