David Clark H10-13X ENC Headset (Battery Powered)

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David Clark starts with a lightweight, comfortable headset and adds ENC technology for a super quiet ride. Soft air-flow pillow headpad and new "undercut" gel-filled ear seals provide extraordinary comfort. Operates on one nine volt battery (included). Automatic ENC shutoff saves battery life. Dual volume control. NRR 23dB plus 17-22dB active, 18 oz., TSO'd. Made in USA.

- Soft head pad
- Comfort gel, undercut ear seals
- Battery power module*
- Patented flex/wire boom for precise microphone placement
- Reduced headband pressure
- Pilot selectable automatic-shut off
- M-7A noise canceling electret microphone
- Stereo compatible for use with stereo intercom
- Weight without cord assembly: 18 oz.
*Requires one 9 volt battery for up to 25 hours of operation