David Clark Super-Soft Double Foam Head Pad

David ClarkSKU: DC-40867G-01

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Ultra-comfortable, double-foam, breathable headset pillow.

It isn't called the Super-Soft Head Pad for nothing, with 60% more surface area than traditional headset pads, this double-foam, breathable pad allows your headset to more evenly dissipate its weight, providing you with pillow-like comfort that fosters easy, all-day wearability. Its unique center gap accommodates baseball cap buttons and improves ventilation. Purchase includes a chrome headband and all requisite installation components. Fits all H10-Series David Clark models. Markedly increased comfort at a truly outstanding price.

From the Manufacturer

Swap in the new David Clark Head Pad Kit on your headset and enjoy pillow-like comfort with the breathable Super Soft, Double Foam pad. Making contact with 60% more area, the weight of your headset is dissipated more evenly; improving comfort while a gap in the middle accommodates button-top baseball caps, while enhancing ventilation.

Compatible with all David Clark H10-Series headsets

Metal frame headband kit included.
Will enhance comfort on all David Clark H10-series headsets. 

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