Lightspeed Delta Zulu Battery Charger Bundle

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Since the launch of the Lightspeed Delta Zulu, pilots have been asking for a more convenient way to maintain charged Lithium-Ion batteries for their flying. So, responding to customer feedback, we are launching a new Lightspeed Battery Charger and including this along with an additional Lithium-Ion battery and charging cable (a 3 piece bundle). This will ensure they always have a spare, charged battery for their Delta Zulu and charge it separately in their hangar or business or home

Lightspeed Battery Charger Bundle is custom designed to charge the Lightspeed Delta Zulu Lithium-Ion battery module and allows for flexibility for our pilots to connect to either USB-A or C adapters for a faster charge. Its slim design makes it easy for storage, and the rotatable footer provides extra stability for benchtop use.