Pilot Weather- From Solo to the Airlines

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Welcome to the first edition of "Pilot Weather: From First Solo to the Airlines".  It includes 400 pages, over 400 diagrams and pictures plus a 550-entry glossary. This book consists of 33 chapters on the A-Z of aviation weather. Not only does it dwell on the theory of meteorology, but includes numerous chapters explaining the details of how to critically decipher many important aviation weather reports and forecasts.  "Pilot Weather" caters to all pilots...from your first solo to flying for the airlines. Whether you are looking to have a career in aviation or are just to poke holes in the sky as a private pilot, this book will not only help you pass those exams, but more importantly, teach you how to minimize your exposure to bad weather.

Although this book is geared toward the American pilot, Canadian pilots will appreciate the wealth of knowledge made available by two highly experienced pilots who are also certified meteorologists. Captain Doug Morris flies a Boeing 787 and Scott Dennstaedt is a Chief Flight Instructor with over 20 years experience.