Release Ultra Cleaner - Concentrate

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Release Ultra is a multi-surface cleaning product that safely removes carbon, dirt, oil, and grease from all surfaces on the exterior and interior of the aircraft. For ease of use, the highly concentrated Release Ultra is available in a 32 oz dispenser bottle to be used in professional pressure sprayers or measured out for use in a 32 oz spray bottle.


Free of volatile solvents, Release Ultra reaches the most tenacious of soils at a molecular level, encapsulating them, and releasing them from the surface without damage or residue. It is well known in the aviation industry for its effective removal of carbon exhaust from APU ports, bug removal from windshields and other exterior surfaces, and general aircraft and parts cleaning. The biodegradable product is safe to use on both painted and unpainted surfaces of the aircraft, and rinses freely in both hard and soft water environments leaving behind no residue.


Cleaning Systems, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of cleaning and protection chemical products, as well as chemical application technology, for the transportation industry globally. Founded in 1976, Cleaning Systems, Inc. is based in De Pere, Wisconsin, and is an ISO 9001-2008 and ISO 14001-2004 registered company, whose products are known for high quality, value, effectiveness, environmental sustainability, as well as cutting edge, industry leading technology. CSI’s product lines include Lustra®, servicing the professional car wash industry, including Ultraflex® ultra concentrated technology, as well as a full line of commercial transportation cleaning products, and an array of chemical application technology solutions.