Restop 1 Disposable Travel Toilet

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With Restop 1 for liquid waste, you won't ever be without a restroom again! With your purchase you will receive 2 disposable urine bags. Each bag is capable of absorbing 20 ounces of urine and does this using super-absorbent polymers and enzymes. Deodorants have been added to the polymers to eliminate any odour.
Restop 1 is great for any place where you might have to go to the bathroom but don't want to risk using a public restroom (you can only hold your breath for so long and all of us have been in one or two that would curl your toes…not to mention the potential for disease). Maybe you would happily use the public restroom if one was around but you happen to be somewhere without a toilet close by. What do you do when you are flying your plane by yourself and you've got to go NOW? Use Restop 1! These bags will come in handy while camping, fishing, hiking, in the car on a long trip, and during many other activities. They are small enough to be stowed in a glove box, purse, backpack or pocket and will give you peace of mind in case nature calls at an inconvenient time.

Everybody (men, women, and children) can use Restop 1 because it was designed with a wide, easy-to-use semi-rigid opening at the top. It also features a 1-way valve so if somehow the bag is dropped or tipped nothing will spill back out. This is an environmentally friendly product that you can feel good about using. Just close the bag with the snap lock on the top and toss it in any garbage can.