Single Pilot CRM and Pilot Decision Making

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For aeroplane and helicopter pilots! The material is based on the author's Single Pilot CRM courses, with lots more thrown in!

"I have nothing but praise. It really is a timely piece of work. I’ve been through the United Airlines CRM program, and a couple of corporate programs. None of them are geared towards the single pilot environment, and I’ve always been suspicious that the single pilot environment is a lot bigger than the multi-pilot environment. I really like the phrase ‘Company Resource Management’ that you suggest. It’s a whole lot more appropriate for what we do in the helicopter world."

Mike Fergione

"Veritair/Cardiff previously enjoyed CRM cover as part of British International and last Monday was the first time since we had “escaped” that airline world that we had used a different source of CRM Training. Let me say immediately the previous BI courses was extremely thorough but had little real relevance to the operation of a small JAR Ops Operator. Perhaps constructive if I was to advise that the course based on Phil Coucher’s model/syllabus was first rate! Areas of particular value not covered before included “Captaincy”, an area neglected in recent years by the civil training world. Not only
 that, but a direct tie up was made during the course between “Captaincy” and the day to day relevancy/role that pilots often working on their own in a smaller non airline operator. All good valuable stuff not covered before on previous courses. Airline/multi crew type courses (are) often of dubious value to a small operator’s pilots. Issues ranging from an awareness to corporate responsibility to evaluating risk far better covered. Bearing in mind that the three Veritair pilots present (plus an air crewman) none of which had ever been through a military/training environment which increasingly will be the case these days. Thus “Captaincy” was never really addressed I suspect. As an employer with corporate responsibility I see significant value to the inclusion of awareness to the whole area of “Captaincy” that simply qualifying to fly an aircraft never touches upon in training generally. All told my team left the room better and safer individuals. The course/syllabus was truly worth praise. Perhaps you will allow me to consider myself a “doubting Thomas” converted to CRM!"

Julian Verity
Managing Director