David Clark Stop Gap Eyeglass Cushions

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The legendary David Clark Company has devised an extremely low-cost item to bring additional headset comfort and noise reduction to eyeglass wearers. The company's Stop Gap Eyeglass Temple Cushions easily slide onto any eyeglass frame and, once in place, their surface area and tapered shape serve to reduce temple pressure and improve the seal between the ear cups and eyeglass frame. Measure 2"H x 1"W x .25"D and weigh 0.5 oz. (per pair). A worthwhile investment for a more comfortable aviation experience.

Helps by reducing the pressure on your temples caused by wearing glasses under your headset. David Clark is offering this simple solution. Stop Gap cushions easily slide onto your eyeglass frame temples. They provide added comfort and a great fit while helping to stop the leaking of noise.

- One pair per package
- Dimensions: 2" x 1" x .25" Thick
- Weight: 0.5 ounces per pair.