Train Like You Fly, 2nd Edition

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Scenario-Based Training (SBT), which has become industry standard, uses a script of real-world experiences to address flight training objectives. Scenarios are powerful training tools precisely because the future is unpredictable. Unlike maneuver-based training where individual maneuvers are relatively isolated and learned virtually out of context, SBT is about the big picture and the integration of all the elements necessary for successful flight. Train Like You Fly explores scenario-based training extensively. In this book, National 2009 CFI of the Year Arlynn McMahon provides the key ingredients for making a good pilot and shares practical techniques to bring it all into the cockpit.

By following structured scripts, SBT teaches students to consider all aspects of every flight, from beginning to end. Train Like You Fly is packed with scenarios, guidelines and tips that will help flight instructors reach well beyond the FAA Practical Test Standards to help students to train like they fly, so they fly like they train. Instructors will learn how to:

- Create effective scenarios of their own
- Teach systematic risk reduction and aeronautical decision making (ADM) and develop critical thinking skills in their students
- Employ effective grading and evaluation using the latest FAA/Industry (FITS) practices
- Help new CFIs gain from the most effective habits of experienced instructors

This comprehensive guidebook shows flight instructors how to implement scenario-based training into their teaching methods, providing superior instructional tools to general aviation pilots who, in light of today’s technologies, fly farther, faster, and higher than ever before. Includes illustrations throughout, glossary, and extensive bibliography.


ISBN 978-1-56027-707-1

Softcover, 232 pages, 7-1/4" x 9"

Out of Print - Remaining Stock Only