uAvionix echoUAT ADS-B OUT / IN Transceiver

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Traffic | Weather | 2020 Compliant ADS-B Out | ADS-B In

echoUAT is a remotely mounted ADS-B transceiver that provides 2020 compliance, traffic and weather to your EFIS and iPad for the same cost as ADS-B receive-only solutions.

For use in Light Sport and Experimental Aircraft.

While other companies are looking to cash in on the ADS-B mandate by selling you a new transponder and WAAS GPS, uAvionix is taking a different approach. echoUAT works with your existing avionics, allowing you to put your savings in the fuel tank and fly more.
Keep your Mode C transponder (Already have a KT76A, Narco, Garmin Mode C, Apollo, Becker, Funkwerk, Microair or Terra? With the echoUAT wireless transponder monitor, there is no need to replace your existing transponder.)
Use your existing WAAS GPS
Traffic and Weather to your existing supported EFIS
Support for popular iPad and Android Apps
Use your existing WAAS GPS
EchoUAT works with your existing WAAS GPS. Fewer antennas to mount, less equipment to install and more value from your existing panel.

Currently supported GPS:

GRT Safe-Fly 2020
Garmin 400W series
Garmin 500W series
Garmin GTN series
Avidyne ADS-B+
Don’t have an existing GPS? Add uAvionix SkyFYX GPS
Free traffic and weather to your favorite app
EchoUAT receives dual-band ADS-B traffic information. 1090ES and 978(UAT) traffic broadcasts are displayed on supported EFB moving maps, including Foreflight Mobile, relative to your aircraft position and altitude.
Receives 978MHz (UAT)
Receives 1090MHz (1090ES)
TIS-B Traffic reports of non-ADS-B equipped aircraft from FAA ground stations
ADS-R rebroadcasts of ADS-B traffic from FAA ground stations
EchoUAT receives subscription-free in-flight weather (FIS-B) directly from FAA ground stations.
FIS-B includes the following weather information:
NEXRAD radar
Winds and temps aloft