uAvionix skySensor ADS-B IN - Experimental

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The Finishing Touch

skySensor, for experimental aircraft,  is the final piece for a complete skyBeacon installation. skySensor isn’t just the aesthetic match for your right wingtip, it also includes a dual-band ADS-B receiver, static pressure sensor, and internal GPS. Easily receive traffic and weather via WiFi to GDL90 compatible EFB applications.

Live ADS-B Traffic and Weather On Your EFB

skySensor receives dual-band ADS-B traffic and subscription-free in-flight weather information on both 978MHz and 1090MHz, and delivers real-time aircraft positions and weather overlays to your favorite EFB supporting the GDL 90 protocol, including ForeFlight Mobile, FltPlan Go, FlyQ, Wing X, and others.

The GPS position and baro altimeter provide the EFB with positioning and barometric altitude used for accurate depictions of relative positions and altitudes of nearby traffic.

Live Traffic on AV-30

Plug-in AV-Link to your AV-30 serial port, connect the AV-Link to your skySensor via Wi-Fi, and that’s it.

LED Position and Strobe Light

Extremely efficient LED position light in aviation green. skySensor’s power consumption is around one-eighth of a traditional incandescent bulb including GPS, ADS-B In and Wi-Fi.

Specification Value
Input Power 11-31V DC
Size 124x116x48mm
Weight 90 grams
Operating Temp -45 to 80°C
ADS-B Receivers
1090 Sensitivity -93dBm
978 Sensitivity -104dBm



Cold Star





LED Position Light
Color Aviation Green
Intensity 40 candelas
Physical 802.11b/g/n
App Compatibility iOS, Android