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YKF terminal expansion work has begun, and Hammond Aviation will be OPEN for business throughout the mess! Parking space is still available for our customers in the Flite Line Services lot. Please follow the sidewalk against the building whenever possible.

tailBeaconX from uAvionix

Compatible with surface and space-based ADS-B surveillance systems, tailBeaconX is the next era of ADS-B! With global compliance, tailBeaconX is a Mode S Extended Squitter ADS-B transponder and aviation GPS integrated into an LED rear position light.

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Luckies Adventure Scratch Map®

This world map poster features over 280 adventurous bucket list experiences; each marked with a symbol and number in foil which can be removed as you complete them!

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ANR Headsets Built for Longevity

Legendary Lightspeed comfort and durability have earned the loyalty of pilots at all levels. The Zulu 3 features performance ear seals, sturdy cables built around a Kevlar core, full Bluetooth integration, FlightLink™ compatibility, and an industry-best 7-year warranty!

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GDL Series Portable ADS-B Receivers

Portable GDL receivers can stream SiriusXM® satellite weather and digital audio to Garmin portables, as well as the Garmin Pilot™ and ForeFlight apps. They also provide GPS position data, backup attitude, high-resolution NEXRAD imagery and METAR information.

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